Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bunny shirt

What to sew? - I asked a few days ago. Well, my daughter's
growing out of her long-sleeves, together with wanting something "Easter-ly" but not feeling up to a big dress project, together with feeling creative and wanting to play with my fabrics, decided for me.

Now I'm not a sewer who can fit and trace a pattern, cut out pattern and fabric, and sew a shirt in one evening, not without some serious loss of sleep.

I can, however, lay a sort of fitting shirt on some fabric, cut around it, decorate it with some freehand design, sew it up and have a well-fitting t-shirt. Strange, that.

This has me on a roll now, I've very slapdashly re-fitted an old girl's dress-pattern, and am right now decorating and sewing it up. Also very fast and easy.

Maybe it just took this long for Carolyn's TNT message ( to really sink in. I always
thought I'd be bored by sewing up the same pattern again and again. Instead I find that having a stash and a TNT really brings together the creative process (which I love and which really motivates me) and the execution/sewing, which I sometimes find a bit tedious.

Also, isn't it neat how reflecting on one's sewing through blogging helps to realize where one's fun and motivation really lie?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ottobre skirt pictures

Finally! Skirt's done, internet's back on. The facts:

Pattern: Ottobre Woman 2-2009, skirt 9.
I cut a size 38, which is really my waist measurement, figuring my hips didn't count because of the diagonal folds. I found the folds dragging outwards, which irritated me so much that I ripped it apart and let out the seam allowances, which I always cut rather generously. Good thing I hadn't found a silk fabric; the tiny needle holes that this left me with would have been a real disappointment. In polyester and with this busy pattern, I don't really care.
The diagonal folds still drag outwards a bit; maybe that's just what they do as you can see here, laid out flat on the floor.

In my quest to become a better sewer I made french seams on the fashion fabric and the lining (cream rayon lining fabric).
Other than my slapdash measuring, the skirt sewed up and fits as it should. I cut it about three inches longer than the pattern called for, finding the below-knee-length more flattering than Ottobre's above-knee-length. I usually cut as long as my fabric piece allows and leave the decision on the length for last, just as I don't make muslins, but cut generous seam allowances and then baste or pin-fit.

My favorite hanger for pictures. It says: "Have it cleaned. Dirt eats." (Away at fabric, I suppose.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What to sew?

Sorry, no pictures of the skirt. Yet.
To keep my mojo flowing, I ought to start another project right away.
As you might know, no project is too humble for me, and I rather like sewing up some home dec/tote bags/etc. to have the gratification of working with nice, colorful fabric. Easter is coming soon, we're visiting my brother's family and a cousin, so I might make up some quick hostess gifts, and use up some of my quilting fabric stash.
On the other hand, I'm so inspired by the wonderful clothes being sewn by all those other bloggers, the skirt went together really well, so I might just go with the flow and continue on my spring/summer wardrobe.
Lastly, I might compromise and sew my daughter an Easter outfit - colorful and not too complicated.
How do you decide what's next? Plan or whim?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ottobre Woman 2-2009 skirt 9

Sew. I've been sewing.
Not blogging, mind you, because our fast wireless internet connection is broken. Fixing it is going to take 1-2 weeks, for different reasons, one of them I'm sure being that we Germans love our paperwork. And taking the long route anywhere. I feel a rant coming on, but I have to be strong, since I'm posting at the office and don't want to draw this out.
Funny thing about Ottobre. I lo-o-o-o-o-ve their children's pattern magazine. Just looking at it makes me happy. So many patterns. Such pretty clothes.
It's different with the women's issues. I really appreciate their touch of reality, showing real woman instead of impossible models, looking pretty and confident. But the patterns? So few. And the clothes? So boring. Really? It's actually the entertainment factor that's missing. Looking at the line drawings, I could sew up half of the patterns and they'd fit my closet perfectly. Also, a very good mixture of basics and fashion. I guess I'm more accustomed to high fashion shoots than I'd admit!
The skirt:
I'd seen this kind of skirt, with the diagonal folds in front, in a fashion magazine, and immediately wanted one. Now this is quite untypical of me, I usually ponder a project for weeks, but I had bought the polyester print satin (see the post below) on a whim, seen the new Ottobre a couple of days later, and got started. Due to my motto of "slow and sure" this was last week, and now I only have to finish attaching the waistband, button and buttonhole, and the hem, leaving the decision on the most flattering length for last. Ottobre has you finish the hems while assembling the upper skirt and then the lining. It doesn't make sense to me.
Pictures of the finished garment to come sooner or later. I'll try to upload through our ultra-slow internet connection at home, so wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What I've been doing instead of sewing

Still, no sewing. Now I'm not the world's most productive sewer, but I had high hopes that Lindsay's promise of higher turnout to have something to blog about would hold true. Then came carnival. And in between schlepping bags of candy and running after the biking kids at full speed, my shoulder gave out. My right shoulder. Of course I'm right handed. So I'm sitting here gnawing at my Burdas, waiting for full mobility to return.

To improve the mood, what's an injured sewer to do? Right on. Buy fabric. I am, however, impressed with my own restraint at buying just three pieces. Which is down to my detailed sighting of summer stash before. And my detailed plan which pieces, at the very most and luckiest, I might sew.
The restraint is also due to a phenomenon I experience as well when buying RTW. I never, truly NEVER have found nice clothes when I went shopping with a plan, or an occasion, in mind, because I have too clear a picture in my head of the shape, the fabric, the color, the style. And I'm not even hard to fit. So I learned - in RTW - to buy whenever something strikes my fancy, needed or not, because that's the only way I get clothes on my back (that and sewing, of course!).

Well, sewing is supposed to solve this problem, right? Wrong. I'd like to add a jacket to my summer sewing plan, and I have a cotton twill fabric, little or no stretch, in a particular shade of olive green in mind. I've been to three fabric stores in town, and endless ones on the internet, still no luck. It appears the greens of the moment are light green, dark greens, grey greens. Do I sound obsessed? I just can't erase this color from my mind. The solution? Possibly even more serious stash building, so next time I have everything I might need right there!
See what a hurt shoulder can do? Dream up the most convincing reasons to go shopping.


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