Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Skirt Burdastyle 2/2010/104

Thank you for the lovely feedback on my swimsuit! It's very satisfying to find out that almost anything can be sewn, even by a home sewer with limited means (technique and machines). FYI, I did use a stretch needle, but I think the blue fabric was so thick and luxurious any needle would have had a hard time poking through!

After the swimsuit, I took out a piece of fabric I'd bought at IKEA some time ago with the intention of making a bag. Well, with the current heat wave I'm in need of more summer bottoms, so I thought I'd give the Burda pattern, a slight A-line with front pockets, no lining, a try. I cut out the short length (didn't have any more fabric), but I just don't like the mini length on myself anymore. My legs are alright I guess, but I don't like how a mini skirt looks so terribly wide on anyone above size 36. So I cut into a favorite piece of green linen, hoping that the rest will still be enough for the envisioned shirt dress, and added the border. Incidentally, I really like the skirts with a contrast border that have been around for a few years but never owned one.

Now I'm proud to report the skirt goes very well with the rest of my "Craving Color Wardrobe" that I started last summer and still wear heavily.

(As always, sorry for the blur!)

I think the skirt has a bit more hanger appeal than in real life, and looks a tiny bit like an apron on (and I don't wear aprons for fashion). DH says it's the border and I should cut it off ;-) I think it just takes getting used to and some creative combining.

Happy sewing!


  1. I love this! The fabric is really great.

  2. I love the color band! Very nice :-)

  3. I love it and don't think it looks apronish at all!

  4. I like the border! It gives the eye someplace to rest (something I might want to consider in all the millions of prints I sew). On the apron front, you might not like the length. Experiment with pinching out a little bit between the skirt and border(I think you have the border proportion right here, so don't shorten there). If it shows the whole knee you might feel less apron-y, as aprons tend to be longer.

  5. What a fun skirt. I do like the border on it.

  6. I love it. Bravo. Trés original. Isabelle from france.



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