Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Warm-up sewing...

... or:

Yet another excuse to sew little girl dresses!

Having made up a comprehensive fall sewing plan (oh how I love planning!), I didn't know where to start. Before my mojo leaves me, or my Rostock purchases go to the bottom of the pile, I decided to start on the "Celine" dress.

And I fell in love. Not with the dress (yet); so far I've only traced the pattern, cut it out and zigzagged the pieces.
No, I'm in love with the pattern. With the single garment pattern. With the pattern that can be traced in mere minutes, since the pattern pieces are drawn singly, side by side, and don't have to be hunted for with lots of light, good glasses, and strong expletives on a sheet with hundreds of intersecting lines.
Now this may be what a classic sewing pattern looks like, so excuse my naive enthusiasm. It may be what thousands of sewers sew with every day. It's something I've never seen (out of the envelope), nor used, so far.
I'm in love with a pattern. Is this my future? No more Burdas and Ottobres, no more "I could sew 50 garments a month from my sewing magazines without having to buy a single overpriced pattern"? Less is more?
Oh, but as I said, I love my planning. And nothing fuels my sewing dreams as well as a fresh Burda or Ottobre issue. The possibilities! But, dear Burda and Ottobre, I may cheat on you from time to time now.
Here's to little girl dresses! And single patterns!


  1. I definitely know what you're talking about... I traced off a Kwik Sew pattern the other day with only 4 sizes. Each size was a different colored line. Sooo fast!

    Jalie patterns are sort of in the middle... they don't overlap, but they usually have 24+ sizes on the same sheet, so the lines between sizes can get very crowded.

  2. Looks like a great start - go the MOJO!



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