Sunday, October 25, 2009

Girl's pants (Phew!)

So I finished the Ottobre pants, and DD still didn't have a thing (read: lined pants) to wear. I still had a remnant of teal corduroy from this dress, and enough surplus energy/frustration to cut into it right away.
I put a suitable pair of pants on top, and started cutting around it. Wait... Let's not cut in anger, unless you want this to happen:
1. I cut the thing too small/tight.
2. I discovered I'd cut on the cross-grain. With corduroy. Very funny.
3. To remedy 1., I decided to put in side panels, didn't find a piece of corduroy big enough for it, rummaged around some more, finally found one, and cut apart one of the legs.
4. After sleeping on it, and considering trashing it all, I decided not to let a few little glitches get in the way of a nice pair of pants. I proceeded to patch together a new pant leg from the remnants, cut pockets, put in the side panels and a lining, and even added a little matryoshka to offset all the negative energy.
What can I say? DD loves the pants and hardly took them of since.
Here's to unintentional design elements. Anyone care to tell me about theirs?


  1. they're so cute... i love the little patch.

    in the US there's actually a company that sells pants that they call "cord a rounds" which are corduroy pants with the cords running horizontally rather than vertically. So maybe you just made an unintentional knockoff of them! ;-)

  2. Nice job of creative fitting! Those are really cute pants!

  3. Goodness, that is too funny. It is true--never cut in anger or haste. Nap or grain will come back to bite you.



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