Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SWALP patterns and jacket progress

My mojo has, resolutions notwithstanding, been lost for quite some time. Whether this is due to sewing in gray and navy since December, the slight seasonal blues that always strikes right after Christmas, or DD's not having been well since December... I'm dragging my (sewing machine) feet.

See this?

Looks like a finished jacket, doesn't it? And it IS finished, except for the tiniest amount of handsewing. And it fits. And I like it. So why do I have to force myself to do a little bit of hem sewing every evening, instead of rushing to get it done?

I had visions of showing the finished garment beautifully styled and shot, on me instead of the hanger one of these days. Maybe that will happen. Maybe I'll need to sew something bright pink before that, to get myself out of this funk.

(Thankfully, DS has wished for a Winnie the Pooh costume for carnival. Sewing all that bright yellow and red ought to set me right, don't you think?)

Instead of swinging the shears and needles, I have been organizing my pattern magazines by copying all the pattern overview pages in my Burda and Ottobre magazines and putting them in a ring binder. Happy hours have been (and will be) spent leafing through these while putting my feet up and nursing a hot cup of tea!

So, without actually making progress, I feel like getting on with my SWALP by circling possible patterns. The thicker olive green wool knit might become one of these:

The patterned rayon knit may become one of these:

And finally, the skirt to complement the jacket, not from the same herringbone wool, but a heathered dark gray woven:

(As a side note, I considered making up a quiz "guess the year these BURDA patterns are from". Some are quite obviously dated, but some not, I think.)

Obviously, I have my favorites, but I'm not decided yet. Which do you think would fit well with my SWALP?


  1. I love your jacket. What pattern is it?

  2. I think we all experience a sewing funk from time to time. When I get in one, a good sewing meeting comes along and I'm inspired again. Hang in there. It will happen. And, maybe you need to get some pretty, bright colored wool to sew. I love brightly colored wintry fabrics instead of the usual black, brown, gray.

  3. Das kenne ich, die letzten Kleinigkeiten dauern am längsten... Bei den Schnitten, die du in Erwägung ziehst: Den Raglanschnitt mit den Falten am Ausschnitt (für den gemusterten Viskosejersey) habe ich schon genäht, der fällt sehr groß aus bzw. soll wohl sehr locker sitzen. Wenn man ihn in der üblichen Größe näht, hat er keine Shirtpassform, sondern eher wie ein lockerer Pullover - also eventuell messen und ändern.
    viele Grüße! Lucy

  4. I have been looking for the right fabric to make the far upper right Burda faux wrap top in the first set of pictures for some time. I think it is so interesting!



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