Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girls' Pants and Pinafore Top

First of all, thank you for the many lovely comments on my blouse and last post's girls' pants! I decided to follow your advice and wear the blouse for a bit to get used to it. Wouldn't you know it - I received quite a few compliments, so of course now I have to keep wearing it!

Also, instead of giving up I got stubborn and sewed another pair of girls' pants. Quite a bit tighter, and with fewer details. It went fast, it fits, whew.

Another thing DD lacks is sleeveless tops. I got it into my head that a pinafore top would be perfect, as it is wearable over a t-shirt as well as for a sleeveless top.

(To be honest, all I really want is a pinafore dress for myself, ever since I saw this gorgeous number on Casey's blog. Not being sure whether the style is right for me, and where to find a good pattern in my Burda mags, I did some vicarious sewing for DD.)

I very roughly followed the Ottobre 4/2009/11 pattern "Viola". I left off the buttoned front and pockets, cut front and back on the fold, added a side zip and raised the front between the straps.

I also made my first fabric covered buttons. Being too cheap for the pre-packaged covered button-making pack, I used simple shank buttons, interfaced the fabric, cut circles, stitched running stitches all around and after inserting the buttons added a few more criss-crossing stitches in the back. Viola! They seem quite stable; ask me again after the first few washes!

Today I played with the new Blogger design options a bit. Do you like it?


  1. The detail on the pinafore dress is darling. Well done.

  2. The pinafore and pants are really cute. I would have never thought to cover regular buttons, do keep us posted on how that works out after a few washings.

  3. I want my own pants from that plaid fabric. (I had a pair of green/pink/white plaid paint when I was a kid in the 70s. I wore the heck out of them!)

  4. Adorable pants, pinafore and wonderful buttons!

  5. Love the covered buttons! Such a nice touch.

  6. Uta, Adorable right down to the delicate details.

  7. Those buttons are just perfect! Love them. Love the plaid pants and pinafore too.



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