Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Self-Stitched September Week 1/Woche I

And: What's up with Blogger? I can't leave comments anywhere, I've tried really, so here's "You've all sewn lovely things; one of these days I'll be able to tell you again"!

This is/was week one or so of Self-Stitched September. I didn't take pictures every day, maybe around 20, so I'll show you four collages and hope I don't bore you to tears!

Happy sewing everybody!

Self-stitched/Selbstgenäht: top/Top, blouse and skirt/Bluse und Rock, skirt/Rock, skirt/Rock, top/Top

Bogger lässt mich z.Zt. kaum kommentieren; auch anonym geht das nicht überall, also sag' ich mal so: Ihr habt alle toll genäht, und irgendwann werde ich Euch das auch wieder als Kommentar schreiben!

Dies ist ca. die erste Woche des Self-Stitched September; ich habe nicht jeden Tag fotografiert und denke, ich werde noch drei Collagen zeigen.

Näht schön!


  1. I always find the self-stitched challenges fascinating...I need to step up my sewing for myself so I can participate one day. I really like the first and last top!

  2. Hi, I have had the same problem with comments using blogger. I ran across the solution at the All My Seams blog (http://allmyseams.blogspot.com/2011/08/fix-for-blogger-comments.html). It was posted on August 20th this year in case my link doesn't work. Anyway, you have to unclick the "stay signed in" box and sign in again in order to leave comments. It is very frustrating particularly when you want to leave a comment on how nice someone's work is!

    Love your outfits, particularly the A-line skirts!



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