Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boy's Romper Ottobre 4-2010-4

I never made baby clothes for my children. When I decided to sew more, very consciously, to offset some stressors in my life, DD was almost two, and DS four years old.
So, when some friends and their 6-week-old baby boy announced their visit recently, I decided to right this situation and make something for baby. I loved dressing my babies in footless rompers/overalls, so when I saw a pattern for one in last year's Ottobre I decided to make it up.
The fabric is a very soft small wale corduroy, lined in cotton lawn, with contrast piping and an elephant appliqué. The piping was a first for me, and while I really like the effect, my suspicions were confirmed that piping only works when sewing quite exactly. Which I usually don't.
The elephant appliqué was inspired by a girl's tunic I saw on the Boden website. Ottobre has a pattern for a bunny appliqué which is also very cute.
I have one gripe with the Ottobre instructions: They tell you to close the front leg seams, which to me means left and right. The left seam needs to be left open though for the closure, which I overlooked while sewing in a hurry. Seaming plus piping plus two rows of topstitching equals quite a bit of cussing when unpicking.
Other than that, it's a very cute, nicely drafted pattern. Knowing that Ottobre runs wide I made up a 62 in width, 68 in length. Sigh. Now for more babies to sew for!


  1. Very cute! Even though my boys are still little (3 and 1), I don't sew for them much at all. I always sew I'll sew more for them, but then I can't get up the energy to make something they'll wear for 6 months if I'm lucky. I'm really excited to make something for my neighbor's daughter, who is about to turn 1, though... Go figure.

  2. so cute! I really missed out on sewing for my girls when they were babies too. I didn't start until they were about 3. Which was fun, but no baby clothes. I love that elephant! What a good hostess you are too.

  3. Sooo adorable! The elephant, piping, contrast lining and turn-up cuff - all cute. I haven't tried piping yet...

    I missed sewing my baby clothes, too, even though I started sewing before baby #5. She already had so many hand-me-downs.

  4. So cute! I am a bit amused that you don't consider yourself a precise sewer--everything you make is so detailed and perfect!

  5. aww, this is super cute, I love the little elephant

  6. A beautiful romper - looks strong and sturdy and warm and comfy - super cute!

  7. This is just too cute! I love the elephant and those large snaps.

  8. oh so super cute! love the elephant! I'm still debating whether to do the snaps or velcro on my version since my girl is so much older.



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