Monday, January 17, 2011

Sentimental (Quilt) Sewing

Our son is moving out.
That didn't come out right. DS is seven years old, and he is moving out of the bedroom he has shared with his sister for the last five years.

His new room will be upstairs. Up until now we have pretty much lived in each other's pockets. The shared bedroom was so small the living room had to double as a play room. The dining table did triple duty as a sewing table and desk for homework as well as having to be cleared off every few hours for a meal.

I probably complained a fair bit, but to be honest I also enjoyed our close quarters. Now DS and DD will have their own rooms, and I will even get a new office/sewing room right under the eaves. There will be days we will be on three different floors. I will get used to it.

Anyway, DS getting his own room called for some sewing. And what embodies sentimental sewing better than a quilt?

I have no patience for small scale patchwork. The whole quilt is about 2 meters by 1.3 meters, the pieces roughly 25 cm (10 in) square. It is still a scrap quilt, though, including fabrics from the last fifteen years.

The print I used on a pair of his sister's pants. The diaper bag fabric from when DS's cousin was born.

The curtain fabric from DH's and my first shared apartment. The small scale print I used for his uncle's napkin-and-tablecloth set.
The set of prints bought for his aunt's beach bag.
The seaside fabric bought on the island we spent so many vacations on. The striped ticking I made a beach bag for DS's godmother from.

Interlined with an old flannel sheet of his Grandmother's. Quilted in the ditch (sort of), hoping it will hold up!

We tried out the quilt on his "new" bed (that served me well during my student years at university, ah memories...), and the room started looking like home.


  1. I like how the scraps all have good memories attached to them. It's perfect for a BIG little boy's room!

  2. cute! i love the sailboat prints :-)

  3. I love all that fabric and it's a perfect memento. I'll be he takes it with him when he gets married. Let's see, he's moved out, so getting married will be in, what? Three or four years? ;-)

  4. Gorgeous quilt with many stories to tell and warm!

  5. Aww. My girls finally got their own rooms a year ago last summer and it was a big relief... But for a long time they both slept on the same bunk of their bunk bed. Now the youngest has my old quilt, which my Grandma made when I was small. The sentimentality of this is somewhat tempered by the fact that my grandma doesn't remember making it, sigh. The fabric is polyester double-knits that will probably outlast Armageddon, but I noticed the other day that a lot of the hand-quilting has broken and come out. I'm thinking about whether to try to repair it or not.

  6. Sweet! Just the right touch to cozy up his new room!

  7. Our kids will never be able to have their own rooms, but having their own quilts is a possibility (: Using large scale squares was a very good idea. The fabrics you chose fit so well together, it doesn't look like a scrap quilt.

  8. That's gorgeous - the perfect quilt of lovely memories - made JUST for him!!

  9. How nice for your son to have his own room with his own quilt! It's adorable.



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