Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Girl's Dress/Mädchenkleid Burda Style 6-2010-149

I needed this. Life/mothering has been a bit hard since DS started school last year; last week another school year began. I'm almost starting to envy those who are able to homeschool (illegal in Germany), though I'm sure that isn't a piece of cake either...

Ich brauchte etwas, um meine Laune zu heben. Das neue Schuljahr hat begonnen, und unser Sohn ist nicht gerade glücklich darüber. Ich finde es schwer auszutarieren, was ich in dieser Situation für ihn tun kann, und wo meine Grenzen sind. Nicht einfach, das Ganze.

To elevate my mood, I made a fall dress for DD out of some small wale corduroy we bought in the Netherlands three years ago. I looked for a very simple pattern and found this one. I took off the button placket, added a centered back zipper, lengthened the sleeves, put some elastic in the sleeve cuffs, and fully lined the dress. I kept the four little folds at the neck and the neck binding (and forgot to bind the lining as well. In the end I handstitched it in.)

Was mache ich da? Nähen, natürlich! Ich habe das Schnittmuster etwas abgeändert; Ärmel länger und mit Elastik, Knopfleiste weg und dafür Reißverschluss nach hinten, ganz gefüttert. Die Fältchen am Ausschnitt und der Halsabschluss durften bleiben; leider habe ich bei letzterem vergessen, das Futter mitzufassen und durfte es dann von Hand annähen. Der Stoff/Babycord ist vom Restverkauf bei Oilily; erstanden in Alkmaar  vor drei Jahren.

Before you start feeling sorry for me, last week was my birthday, and DH and I had breakfast here:

Damit Euer Mitleid sich in Grenzen hält, hier ein Bild der bescheidenen Hütte, wo ich letzte Woche mein Geburtstagsfrühstück genossen habe:

Life is good. Happy sewing!

Alles wird gut. Viel Spaß beim Nähen!


  1. It's a lovely, happy dress! My youngest just started school- ouch! They start very early here in England. Some only turned 4 weeks ago. They cry and cry. I feel so sorry for them. It's cruel.

  2. Happy Birthday! Home school is just like other schools in that it has its good things and bad ones.

    Love the dress--the corduroy print is very pretty.

  3. Was für ein wunderschönes Kleidchen.

    Blöd das mit der Schule, ich hoffe, du findest den richtigen Weg für deinen Sohn.

    Gruß Ute

  4. The dress looks great!

    School is such an odd thing. It was fairly awful for me, my mother often wished she "had the energy" to homeschool as I was so miserable. Yet I don't think I would ever want to homeschool my kids---they love seeing their friends and teachers too much, plus everything between my oldest an I turns into a power-struggle at the drop of a hat. Bad enough I have to fight with her about cleaning her room and doing homework, I wouldn't want ALL her schoolwork in the mix.

  5. That fabric is great! (My daughter is in her last year at university. Sending her off was very hard.)

  6. The dress is very pretty. It is hard when your kids go off to school, but we owe them that independent life. In my opinion, home schooling is a form of child abuse.

  7. Uh, ouch! We just started our 6th year homeschooling. I'm grateful we have a range of choices for schooling in our country. Kids and families are all different. Why not do what's best for your family? A friend of mine has been part of the movement to open up homeschooling in France. Maybe someday you'll have that option in Germany, too.

    I love the corduroy fabric. The dress looks so warm and cozy (it just turned cold here!)

  8. Looks like a beautiful spot for a birthday breakfast! Love the adorable dress.

  9. Happy B-lated Birthday! The place for your birthday breakfast looks grand. The dress is super cheerful too! I hope things get easier as the year progresses. Be as involved as you can. I think that helps.

  10. ouch too! I homeschooled one of my daughters for one year, because she was doing extremely badly in school. After this year, where we taught her how to learn, rather than look out of the window and play up because she was bored ,she returned to school and has been one of the top students in her class ever since (6 years on). Neither of our other children needed or wanted homeschooling. As Joy says, every family and child is different. I hope you can find a comfortable option for your daughter, or that she can adjust to what is legally required. School can be very tough.
    I hope her lovely new dress makes her feel better too.

  11. That's a lovely happy dress, and I hope your daughter enjoys wearing it and that this year is a good one for her.
    School is tough... I do think it can be great when kids develop their social skills and make their own lovely friendships, but to be honest there was a period last year where I was wondering whether I should home school my son!!! I found it hard to have the necessary conversations with the teachers to resolve issues without sounding very pushy, but in the end matters improved for us. Some friends of mine home school their 3 daughters and it works marvellously for them and their girls - so I say horses for courses!



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