Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Girl's Dress/Mädchenkleid Ottobre 3-2009-18 etc.

First off, thank you so much for your kind and helpful comments, on the skirt, on my blogging, and each and every time. You always make my day! Ich wollte mal wieder Danke sagen für Eure netten Kommentare! Nähen wäre nicht dasselbe ohne Euch.

I made this dress back in July when I needed a break from involved sewing. It was easy and it's cute, but I discovered that's not why I sew. I need a challenge, lack of time and/or energy notwithstanding.
Das Mädchenkleid habe ich genäht, um bei einem enfachen Projekt zu entspannen. Hat nicht funktioniert; auch wenn es ganz niedlich ist, habe ich mich gelangweilt. Ich glaube, ich brauche wenigstens eine kleine Herausforderung.

Here's a challenge for you:
A propos Herausforderung:

'I, Uta, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept '11. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garment each day for the duration of September 2011'

I was kind of sad I let Me-Made June slip. I believe Me-Made months are good for my sewing and dressing morale. I intend to do weekly outfit posts and have grand plans to sew and wear new things. Hope springs eternal!

Ich mache bei Zoe's neuem Me-Made Monat mit. Das wird meiner Moral gut tun, was das Anziehen und das Nähen angeht. Im Urlaub habe ich Nähpläne geschmiedet. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt!

We're back from out vacation which was a bit too short and rainy this year. At any rate, here's proof I can't do a vacation without my IKEA skirt (however crumpled) anymore:
Im Urlaub hat mir mein IKEA-Rock (auch ungebügelt) wieder gute Dienste geleistet:


  1. That dress is so cute. Love the matching bias trim.

  2. Love the print combination in the new little dress. So adorable! Welcome back!

  3. Adorable little dress, especially that bias finish on the armscye. Love that photo of you, especially that you are holding even more bright colored textiles in your hand!

  4. Very cute dress - the fabrics are great.
    You're stylish even on vacation!

  5. This little dress is so cute! I love the two contrasting fabrics together. And your "Ikea" skirt has a lovely combination of fabrics too. Gorgeous!



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