Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blogging, not sewing - oh, and Alaaf!

Wow, this blogging thing is really neat! Thank you all very much for already leaving so many nice comments - Lindsay really was on to something when she said, try it, you'll like the results.

On the sewing frontier, I'm still trying to post some past projects before my vacation, and hope to have more when I return, because... drum roll... I'm taking my sewing machine with me! So in between walks on the beach (nothing to get jealous about; it's still winter here) and playing with the family, I'll get to spend some quality time with my sewing machine.

(What's up with these Germans?)

My project: Children's costumes for "Karneval" which is the German Mardi Gras, but where we dress up like Halloween, with some circus and Disney World thrown in (and where people shout madly "Alaaf", nobody knowing quite what it means!). In the past, I made the children (fast, easy) clown costumes,

(and DS wanted to be a dwarf for his first Karneval)

but this year they want to be an angel (ds) and a witch (dd). So I'll take some inspiration from Summerset ( and her wearable art, and try my hand at appliqué and borders. Now don't get your hopes up, this will be very simple and nowhere near Summerset's sewing level, but still... I'm inspired!

(This is what I'll probably look like every year until I'm through with sewing kids' costumes!)

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