Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ottobre skirt

Not sure what I was trying to convey with that pose... hunger? Anyway, this skirt is an example of last year's resolution to sew (grown up garments) slowly and with care. I even tried to make it look nice on the inside, thanks to the amazing seam finshes I've seen around the blogging world. Sorry, no detail/inside pictures. Here goes: Pattern from Ottobre fall 08 issue, size 38. I took it in quite a bit at the waist, but the hips were fine. I re-drafted the side seams because it seemed a bit too pencil-slim for my taste (or stride). It is almost straight now. I topstitched with black buttonhole thread. The fashion (wool) and lining (acetate) fabrics are from one of the last department store chains that still has a fabric department here in Germany, Karstadt. I love internet shopping, but for a quick fix, or basic staples, or seeing and feeling the real color/material, I appreciate the brick-and-mortar-stores. Luckily, I live close to Cologne, with several large fabric stores/departments within walking distance of each other. Funny, how I never come home empty-handed... Back to the skirt: I faced the waistband with a peacock-like Kaffe Fassett quilting fabric print, and tried sort of successfully to finish the lining seam allowances (that I hate to have peek out and not look neat) by leaving one s.a. longer and wrapping around the other, then stitching together. I found this technique quite fiddly and had some bubbling and creasing, though. I'm trying to get up the patience to use a hong kong finish next time. Too slapdash after all, I'm afraid. How do your garments look on the inside? Do you just want to get it done and put it on - like me - or do you make it all pretty?

Happy sewing!


  1. Welcome to blogging world, Uta! I'm so happy I could inspire you to take the plunge. I love what you're showing here and will look forward to seeing more of your creations.

  2. Beautiful skirt! Can't wait to see more of your creations!

  3. Welcome to the bloggosphere from me, too. Even though I have little time to sew at the moment I still love to read about it :-).
    Regarding your question: I like my garments to be looking nice on the inside as well and usually make an effort.... just for myself :-).

  4. hello Uta . I will be coming to Cologne in July to see my cousin . I am from Australia and have a father who came from Kiel . I remember Karstadt so well . I still have a velour dressing gown which my father and bought at Karstadt Kiel when I was 4 years old . Sometimes I wear it although it is getting a little delicate now as me being 4 was 46 years ago!! I would love to know where the fabric shops are in Cologne as my cousin isnt a sewer and managed only show me one when I was there about 2 years ago.I did buy a nice knit however , still in the stash however!!

  5. Hi! New to sewing blogging myself and thought to welcome you!

    BTW, FYI: did you know there's a yahoogroup called Burda English? I joined recently, and a lot of people online are there (and at Pattern Review). In case you're looking for friends...



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