Friday, January 30, 2009

Summer dress

(No still life, no dress form, just me.)

As always, I had high hopes and colorful plans for last summer, to sew lots of airy dresses (with the summers becoming hotter and hotter in northern Europe). Shorts are often a tad too casual for my taste, and believe it or not, not just DH, but even my (then 4 yo) son likes his mom in pretty dresses and says so, often. Early sense of fashion? Oh please, yes! (Even though he doesn't look it in the first picture, above.)
The dress is BWOF ca. 2006 (and yes, I intend to go back one of these days and add the missing pattern numbers!). It's an interesting pattern that has a waist piece/band in back which extends into a diamond-shaped inset in the front. It went together very well (I went slowly as resolved!), and I half regret not making it in a solid color so the lines could be seen. The fabric was from Alfatex, a German fabric chain store, a cotton lycra mix that washes and wears very well, so it was, after all, the perfect (if only one) summer dress.

My DD calls all her dresses "dance dresses", but when it comes to fit, dancing's as good a test as any, isn't it?

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  1. Yeah! Dancing is an excellent fit indicator - great dress!



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