Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dutch fabric markets

Sunday afternoon, we went to the fabric market. DH and the kids went for ice cream, I went for fabric. Luckily, fabric markets are usually held in the town squares, where there are ice cream cafés nearby!

I was a little disappointed. Having mentioned the fabric markets before, I wanted to bring you really nice pictures that capture all the fabric goodness. Not quite.

One, I had the impression there wasn't as much fabric goodness at this market than at other markets I've been to. This might have something to do with the fact that I went with a budget in mind and had hoped to find good deals on staples such as cotton prints, denim, linen, jerseys. Lots and lots of prints in cotton and jersey, yes, at a price, but very few solids and none of the fabric market stalls I'd met elsewhere, with jerseys in all colors of the rainbow (and cottons, linens, woollens...) at cut-rate prices.

Second, it was hard to capture the size and atmosphere of the place in photos without climbing a tree (there were none) (not that I would have)... or being a really good photographer, I guess.

Still, these fabric markets are a great invention, Dutch as far as I know (roughly 2/3 of the dealers are from Holland), and I know of regions in Germany that don't have them and envy us greatly! I'd guess that there are about 30-40 stalls in all, between 2 and 10 yards long, and packed with fabric. A lot of these are "trendy" prints and brands, and I did not see competitive prices here - they were all more or less the same.

A sight to behold: the big notions stall. You almost get vertigo trying to tell which side is up in there!
Oh, and these are my fabric market stash additions.


  1. Looks like you found something after all! This open-air market looks like fun--all those trims, notions and fabric. What are those huge zippers on photo #4?

    I'd like to hear you post about the fabric stores in Germany. And what about sewing machine dealers?

  2. Wow, that looks like so much fun! I love the European open air markets. In DC we only have farmer's (fruit and vegetable) markets--which are wonderful, but I'd love to go to a fabric market!

  3. This looks wonderful! What a great concept.



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