Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ludwig Leichhardt

This is a completely off-topic post for my Australian readers. I know there are a couple of you out there from your comments...

(Leichhardt's bust; there are two - the other is in Australia)

This Easter, were visited my brother and his family in the federal state of Brandenburg, eastern Germany (former GDR), in the little village of Trebatsch.
(Church documentation of Leichhardt's birth)
Now I'd bet that no German blog reading sewer has ever heard of this tiny spot on the map, but it appears to be quite famous in Australia due to the fact that it is the birth place of Ludwig Leichhardt, who was one of the great discoverers on the Australian continent 1842-1848 (
(Findings and documentation from his first expedition)
Thursday evening we shared a spot by the Easter bonfire with the former mayor who is also a member of the local Leichhardt Society. He gave us an exclusive tour of the Leichhardt museum and told us of this fascinating man.

Another example of how small the world really is. I hope you enjoy the detour and the pictures. Oh, and whether you spent the holidays sewing or visiting - I hope you had a Happy Easter!
(Between the 1930's and '40's Trebatsch was for a short while named "Leichhardt".
The picture shows the Leichhardt family)

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  1. Wow - that's cool - I feel totally ignorant. There is a suburb in Sydney called Leichardt.



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