Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jacket and dress II (Dress Patterns)

First, the dress as I feel on firmer ground here!
All this talk of TNTs has really got to me, and I thought I might as well start looking for a potential TNT in my pattern search. What suits me is a higher neck, sleeveless but not strappy, knee length or so, slight A-line or straight skirt, fitted waist. As for seam lines, an empire line is nice for breaking up my long torso, but vertical lines are slimming on my lower body, so both would be o.k.
(BTW, has anyone out there discovered the golden rule on flattering a pear shape with a long torso/short legs? One set of advice always seems to contradict the other!)
Given that a flower print is always at risk of looking girlish, which is fine but not my goal in this outfit, I want the pattern to have a sleek and grown-up feel. I've been thinking of adding contrasting trim (where? how?) or, my favorite idea so far, a band of pintucks or something similar running the length of the dress. This dress from BWOF 2005-11 illustrates what I mean, although it has folds which would work on a thinner fabric but probably not on linen.
I don't particularly want the yoke either, unless it might look funny to just start the tucks at the neck?!

I have found two other suitable dress patterns that I could modify with the cut-and-spread-method.

One is BWOF 2005-3 Pattern no. 113/114. 113 is sleeveless, 114 is non-tiered. They have a sewn-on belt and drawstring waist, but the front and back pattern pieces are cut as one (no interruption at the waist). I like the high neck and the otherwise very simple cut.

Last of my prospective patterns is BWOF 2004-1, no. 111/112. 111 has epaulettes I don't want, 112 has ruching at the bottom - ditto. Other than that it is a nice, simple pattern. I'm not sure whether the vertical lines would go well with my idea of full-length vertical pintucks.
Needless to say, this clueless sewer will appreciate any input on which pattern to choose. I thought I'd also give an overview of the jacket candidates, but seeing how long this is getting I think I'll call it a night. Good night!


  1. posted a few days worth of tutorials about body style/appropriate garments on her blog. Your question abougt pear shape could be addressed there.

  2. For pintucking, it might be good to have a defined waist, or even a waist seam as in the first example. Otherwise it could be too billowy (unless volume is what you're going for). I love pintucks!



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