Monday, May 25, 2009

Boy's pants etc.

It's been a while, and I can't decide whether I'm blogging less because
a) the blogging honeymoon is over;
b) it's summer and I spend more time outside, less at my laptop;
or c) I've been sewing more than usual, hence more time at the sm, less at the pc.

DS gets rather jealous whenever I sew something for his sister, so I decided to sew up some of my fabric market stash and make him a pair of jeans - meaning the material, not the 5-pocket-style which rather scares me. As you know I usually draft (or sew together whichever way) kids' pants myself, but I wanted to use a pattern for a change, and loved what I found in the current Ottobre kids fashion issue.
It's the pattern no. 26, "Zoom" pirate jeans. I found that either Ottobre has funny sizing or I have funny kids, because their measurements are truly all over the place. DS is 116 cm tall which makes him a size 116, but his waist is a 104 (two sizes down), and his hips even less. So I re-sized the pattern to a 104 in width and 116 in length. Since it's an elastic waist and an easy fit all's well. I like the elastic/drawstring waist with mock fly as well as the fashion details, such as darts on the lower legs with tabs sewn in on one side, velcroed on the other side. I had some trouble with the instructions regarding the mock fly - they had a fly cut on, and it was supposed to be sewn together on the left side of the garment and stitched down through the fabric from the right side?! If I got that right. In the end, I cut off the fly flaps and just topstitched the mock fly in.

(back pocket detail, border by Farbenmix)

The Ottobre instructions include a how-to on giving the finished jeans an "ageing" wash. I'm not sure whether I'll do that. If I do, I'll post more pictures!

DD has grown out of her pretty sun hats and had to resort to wearing her brother's old basecaps. So when I stumbled upon hat pattern no. 142 in the April Burda issue, I gave it a try. I made size 50 according to DDs head circumference and it fits very well.

The fabric is a heavy cotton with color blocking from Ikea a few years ago, and some remnants of the bird quilting fabric from my tote bag. The hat has a bucket shape that can be worn with the brim turned up or down, and is fully reversible. Three pattern parts, fast and easy. Highly recommended!

Which digital camera do you use for your pictures? I have a Casio that I'm very dissatisfied with (re the picture quality/clarity and flash exposure). I need a point-and-shoot model, and I'm more willing to compromise on ease of use than on picture quality. I found a few positive reviews on the Canon powershot series. Anyone have one of those?


  1. That hat is totally cute! I love the bird fabric.

  2. Cute pants and hat! Come back with more things to show us!

  3. Sweet little hat, and I love the pants. I think the horizontal topstitching on the fly is a smart detail.
    My son's sizing is all over the place too - In BWOF he is 116 for height overall =sz116, , but sz110 for pants by leg length measurement, 116 for back length but... 98 in width. I just lengthen everything from the size I choose according to his width (or lack therof!)

  4. Those pants are darling! I really like those tabs on the legs. And what a sweet hat for a sweet girl!

    I do not recommend the camera I have for project photos. I have a Nikon Coolpix which takes fantastic outdoor pictures but it is absolute crap indoors. And of course 90% of my pictures are project photos taken indoors. I have been contemplating a Canon as well, though I hate that they have a proprietary battery pack rather than regular AA rechargeables.



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