Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Business opportunity!

Judging from your comments, somebody's missing out on a BIG business opportunity: Fabric markets in the USA! If I weren't in a diametrically opposed profession, I might consider it... Just imagine! Organizing fabric markets for a living! Snapping up remnants for next to nothing! Now I'm thinking about it I might be a bit more flexible about my profession than I thought...!?

Speaking of professions, when DS was born, I used to joke he'd become first a ballet dancer and then, when his joints gave out, a fashion designer. All for improving his mom's quality of life, of course! We'll see how that works out; at the moment his self-chosen interest is this:

When he realized on mother's day that he'd forgotten his present for me at the kindergarten, he went ahead and made me some jewelry: First, a short necklace with "a parrot and a precious stone" for everyday, he told me; second, a long necklace with parrot, stone, and five ladybugs "for special days". One, where does he get these ideas? Two, I'll take fine jewelry designer over ballet dancer any day, thank you!

Lastly, I did sew a tiny little something this last week: A tote bag from the caterpillar fabric. I wasn't quite in love with it, so I haven't even taken pics of the back and the inside, but oh well. In case you've noticed, yes, I'm stalling a little on the jacket. Trying to hold on to my mojo by squeezing in little projects here and there, but I have to be careful to leave enough time and energy to work on the big project as well.


  1. What lovely necklaces! I love how he differentiates between everyday and special occasion wear. So cute.

  2. Your son is certainly creative! I hope his imagination continues to soar!



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