Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fabric market and girls' pants

Today's Dutch fabric market was the real deal. I was rather disappointed last time. Had I imagined the low prices? The great selection? The designer prints as well as basics in all the colors of the rainbow?
To my relief, I hadn't. For the locals, the last market was in Bonn-Bad Godesberg; this one was in Hennef, and I heartily recommend it. I ended up buying lots of little girl prints, some cream eyelet and a graphic print knit for me, and lots of blue denim for more kids' pants. No, the jeans sewing bug has not bitten me. Yet. No pictures of the loot either, maybe later.

DS helped me choose; see his head buried in the fabric?

Gwen asked after my last fabric market post what the giant zippers are for. So today I dutifully went and asked the notions vendor! He said, "For lots of things. Some people put them in a dress, one zipper on each side." Ahem. Sounds a bit obvious to me, like those rip-off-pants male dancers (and, I recall, Britney Spears at one time) wear!
For Jenny and others who live in Germany and would like to know more about the available fabric sources, here and here are links to the sites with fabric market dates and locations. I only know of these two firms that organize(Dutch-German) fabric markets.
I also whipped up another pair of pants for DD.

No side seams, no zipper, no applications. Just a few pockets for pretties (and for collecting a three year old's necessary odds and ends).
Fabric from last year's market, left over after a skirt-sewing session with DH's nieces. Maroschka border by Farbenmix.

It passed the swing test!


  1. Let's see the loot! C'mon! I love those huge tassels. Your little girl is adorable in her new pants.

  2. Darling pants. I like the trims.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these photos! What a fun way to spend an afternoon. And I love your daughter's pants--very cute!

  4. Thanks so much for the links! I'm definitely taking a few trips this summer. :-) May 23rd in Mannheim - I'm there.

  5. I think I would go crazy with so much to choose from!



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