Monday, September 7, 2009

Gaultier kiddie pattern

Did the header grab your attention? It sure grabbed mine when, returning from our summer vacation, I bought a magazine for the ride home and discovered this gem.

Luna is, well, probably a parenting/family/children's fashion magazine. It's very glossy, the fashion pages are quite beautiful, there is a lot of product placement/reviews/marketing, and some editorial content. In short, a glossy aimed at parents with cash to spare.

One laudable thing about Luna is that although it isn't (I think) aimed at the alternative/crafter/DIY set, it features sewing and knitting patterns for children's clothes. Which goes to show, as I already discussed in my Brigitte post, how mainstream sewing, and not for reasons of saving money but because it's fashionable, has become.

There have always been a lot of knitting patterns around, in women's as well as parenting mags, but this focus on sewing is new, at least that's my impression. Now Luna has been around for a couple of years, and has been publishing a sewing pattern per issue, usually by German/European designers specializing in children's clothes. Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened the magazine and discovered that this issue's pattern is by JPG! It's in schoolgirl size, so DD will have to wait a couple of years, and there's a warning that this is not a beginner's pattern, but it's a Gaultier! It also has to be ordered and paid for separately from the magazine, while the other patterns had usually been enclosed printed on tissue paper, but I have ordered it and will keep it in my treasure box until DD is old enough to make it up.

(In case you think I'm an uncritical designer fan, I also love the dress. Nautical is all I will/need to say!)

P.S. I ordered an extra. I think I feel a giveaway coming up!

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