Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Girls' tunic Ottobre 1/2008 no. 8

Although I share Lindsay's sentiments on knits, I keep going there.

1st reason: They're basic, comfy, so I ought to learn.

2nd reason: I can't believe I'm not getting better. (Which I'm not. This may have to do with my stubborn low-tech everything-should-be-sewable-with-a-regular-machine-and-zigzag-foot approach.)

3rd reason: I also abhor making buttonholes. So blouses aren't a good alternative for tops.

Unlike Lindsay, I'm not above wearing, and especially clothing my children in decidedly Becky Home Ecky garments. So this will get worn.

Probably a lot, even. DD chose the fabrics herself. (I might have chosen a little less... PINK!) And the Hello Kitty apliqué. And she's one happy girl!

Speaking of happy girls, last weeks' tunics got worn to an outing in the forest. Quite the fitting background. A couple of pics:

Up next? I'm still torn between:

  • an appliquéd autumnal table runner (and playground for me!)
  • a jacket with my most recent fabric acquisition
  • lots of children's pants for fall

Happy sewing!


  1. Aw. I think the dress looks great! It might look Becky Home-Ec-y on the inside to you (my knits do to me), but no one sees the inside anyway!

  2. The Hello Kitty dress is adorable and I LOVE the floral tunics in the forest!

  3. Nothing you make looks Becky Home Ecky!

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself! It looks fab!

  5. My daughter loves Hello Kitty. Very cute clothes.



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