Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thoughts on coats

I bought this fabric for, oh, not pennies, but really cheap at a fabric market last year (I know, don't hate me!). It's a border print, shown folded in half; the other half is solid cream. It was intented to be a coat from the beginning, but I did not have the confidence or stamina at that point to make one.
So the fabric went into the stash, or "collection", as Carolyn calls it, which may be a better word, because a collection is enjoyed whether it is useful or not, and I certainly enjoy having beautiful fabrics even if I don't get around to sewing them for quite some time.

At this point, I have the confidence, and if I don't have the skill I know enough resources to look everything up (and then I have you, my sounding board and encyclopedia all in one!)

I'm just not sure whether I have the stamina. Now this is the first day of September, another glorious late summer day (and I'm sitting here thinking about coats - go figure!). Enough time to finish a coat at leisure and have some winter left to wear it. It's just that I'm not very good at repetitive tasks. That incudes looking at and handling the same unfinshed garment for too long. What to do?

All this doesn't deter me from considering patterns, of course. I really like Burda 9/2009 no. 102. It fits my requirements of a short coat (covering hips but not knees), and of corse I love the folklore/vintage vibe. But it's a three-and-a-half-dots pattern. Ouch! And I'm not sure whether the hidden folds would go well with a border print such as mine. Anyone interested to weigh in?

So how about it? Should I make a coat? Is anybody else planning one? I know there was a coat sew-along last year; too bad I'm late for that!


  1. LOVE this coat. Wish I could make one,I need to finish up sewing class projects! Do it!!!!!!

  2. That fabric is very lovely. It would be a lovely coat.

  3. I really think that there is alot of detail in that coat - and you're fabric really speaks for itself - it deserves to be the show piece - save that pattern for a plainer one colour fabric - use your lovely folkloric piece in a garment that can show it off - maybe a wrap with a long drapey collar piece?? Good luck with whatever you decide!

  4. Well, I also think the Sept coat is too detailed for a border print, maybe a solid with contrast topstitching will suffice?

    What do you think of all those "bathrobe" coats that are in? Or the princess-seamed retro ones?

    I'm sorry I have no patterns to suggest, I've never made a warm coat so don't pay much attention.



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