Monday, November 9, 2009

Current project: jacket

How I'd love to be able to say, like Lindsay T in a post recently, "I really like making jackets". I like wearing jackets. I like having jackets. I don't even mind working on jackets. But I tend to lose my patience, and the one jacket I have finished sadly didn't turn out well.

I find myself in a lot of other bloggers, which may be the reason I read all you write. Faye says, sewing doesn't come easy to her, and that's why she tries harder. Well, jackets don't come easy to me, so I really ought to try another one!
I chickened out on the plaid fabric/Burda 9/2007 no. 105 combo, though. 3-part-sleeves, a 4-part-back, and all that pattern-matching with less fabric than called for made me realize I could either have my sanity or try to cut that out. Here's what I chose:

A dark gray herringbone wool for the Burda pattern. I debated whether this rather strict fabric is right for the playful vibe of the pattern, but we'll see.
The pattern is rather short; I cut all pieces (including the 3/4-sleeves) a bit longer and will try it on to determine the finished length. I also intend to add buttons rather than the tab closures Burda calls for. I just hope my buttonholes turn out okay. I'm certainly not courageous enough for bound buttonholes!
So far I've cut it out and fused the front and back parts with a very lightweight fusible; the hems and armholes where the pattern calls for interfacing, with a heavier fusible. Sewing to commence soon, wish me luck!


  1. When I say I like making jackets what I really mean is that I like making EASY jackets. Hang in there and just take it in little pieces at a time; that's the key.

  2. I love 3/4 sleeves- and that fabric is gorgeous. So I can't wait to see when you finish it :)



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