Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jacket progress - backstay?

The jacket
Here's where I'm at with the jacket.
The back is done; as you can see, the diagonal edges of the upper part - the "V" - have stretched out a bit in spite of the interfacing. I can't try it on at this point, but I think I will have to do something about it, since my upper back isn't that rounded!
I thought of steaming it back in shape, and then adding a back stay, like EricaB recently showed when making her beautiful riding jacket. What do you think? Do I need one? Will it help?
I think I will need to tape the pattern pieces together and draft a new one, right? Has anyone tried this on a jacket cut like this?
Advent calendars
Here's no. 2 from last year. I think the construction is pretty self-explanatory; if anyone wants to make one and has questions, please ask!

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  1. I am no help since I don't do fancy stuff like stays. I made this as a coat in a heavy-ish wool coating several years ago and it's held up well with no bagging, but I think your fabric is not as heavy as mine and might benefit from the stay.



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