Monday, November 16, 2009

Girls' pants (again)

The jacket is slow going, so here's a colorful little something to cheer me - and you - up!

(front view)
These pants have been made up for a while. I finally gave in and drafted a pattern - one piece actually, using the preferred width, and crotch curves from a well-fitting Ottobre pattern. Now I don't have to trace around sewn pants anymore, and can vary the pattern by adding a waistband, pockets etc. as I like.
The corduroy is from a recent fabric market, it is fully lined in dotted poplin, the bird ribbon is by Farbenmix, and the woven bird patch is part of a gorgeous jacquard ribbon from Bänderweberei Kafka. I don't know if their ribbons are available overseas, but they are all beautiful! They also have a museum where the old looms - that are still in use - can be seen. I mean to go one of these days, since Wuppertal is only about one hour from here.
(side view)
More on the jacket - and backstay - to come!


  1. Cute pants! Your little girl must be the best dressed in school!

  2. I've probably said this to you before, but there are parents in NYC who would pay very good money for clothes as adorable as the ones you make.



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