Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tote bag

I made a tote bag today. I'm a bit embarrassed to show it off. Such simple sewing; but then
again, whole sewing books have been sold on the concept of simple sewing - and why not?

DD could use a bag for her musical lessons, and I had some of this adorable zoo animal quilting fabric left over, so together with some brown corduroy left over from these pants, a green button left over from these pants, orange fabric left over from this table runner, and ribbon left over from these pants, I put together a tote bag.

DD's comment? "I don't want it. There's no Prinzessin Lillifee* on it."


*Prinzessin Lillifee, for those lucky ones who don't know her (translation: "Princess Lillifairy"), is a very pink, very blonde, very sparkly character designed to sell anything that doesn't yet have a Disney princess on it. And girls love it.

Now, I'm all for letting kids develop their own taste. And I'm all for someone having their own style, even if that means a lot of pink. But sometimes, people, a mom needs a break!


  1. That's a cute bag. There's nothing wrong with a bit of simple sewing and sometimes, it's a welcome break from more tedious work.

  2. Ah, the tyranny of licensed characters. Adorable bag!



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