Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dress - Pattern and lining

I still haven't found buttons/snaps for the coat. An added challenge is that it must be finished by next Saturday, so international sources are out, and the German internet notions shops have less than impressive stock. German blogger Nowak named a source (no internet shop though) I'm hoping to get to. On top of everything, DD has been sick and it's a challenge to leave the house, let alone find time for such negotionables as snap shopping...

While skulking around searching for snaps and handsewing a hem here and there, I've decided on a pattern for the green dress to go with the coat. Again, I might be a bit optimistic hoping to finish it all by next Saturday, but then again, nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices flowing, right?
It's this pattern from BWOF 5/2009:
I thought about choosing a knit dress pattern, but they were all so body conscious/tight, and I'm finding that I like this less and less the older I get - though my figure hasn't changed much (or so I tell myself!). So I chose this pattern which is not for a knit; don't tell me it can't be done because I've already cut it out! (One size smaller than usual.)
Snaps aside, I've had a hard time locating knit lining... What the ...? Wasn't this a basic, a staple, last time I looked?! I could have ordered it online but wasn't sure it would be here in time to start on the dress. (Which is unlined in the pattern; but since it's a wool knit and I don't have a full slip it would be a bit uncomfortable and scratchy I imagine!) I was almost resigned to keeping it unlined when I has a light bulb moment: I could just use a suitable knit fabric from my stash! And I found one:
It's a very thin and stretchy polyester knit that I meant to use for a knit dress when these kinds of prints were popular a couple of years ago. Now I'm not a trendy person, and if I love something I wouldn't care if it's a bit out of style, but in all honesty there isn't much room for such a loud knit dress in my life. I might wear it once or twice a year, if at all. This green dress (if it works out) would definitely get worn a bit more. So it's decided; I'm just not sure about the technicalities - the front construction with all those folds seems to call for an underlining rather than a lining , but it won't be as pretty on the inside - and how to handle those facings?
Must go contemplate. Happy sewing weekend everybody!


  1. I think the dress will turn out great! I made that same pattern in black wool jersey. I just took in the side seams to fit and it worked fine. Here's a link to the pics if you are curious:

  2. The underarm gusset-y stitchline has scared me away from that pattern, though I love it. Can't wait to see your dress!



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