Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flap pockets and delusions of grandeur

I. The pockets

Considering that I don't even know the correct translation ("Pattentaschen" in German), I am extremely pleased with my pockets. Here is one, someone please tell me the correct term (dictionary says flap pockets, but the flap is stitched down on the short ends/open on one side only).

I consulted my Burda book on techniques (same wording as the Burda magazine instructions, but with pictures!), and fearlessly sewed/cut away. I'm still not 100 % sure I did the right thing with the itty bitty triangles, but it looks like it should.

Irrelevant story: About a dozen or so years ago, I sewed an anorak jacket for my now-husband. Which had the same pockets. Being 99 % self-taught, and only going by Burda magazine instructions at the time (I didn't even own a book on sewing techniques), I had no idea that these pockets were hard or difficult to do. Heck, I had no idea Burda instructions were hard to understand sometimes; if I got it wrong, I just figured it was my fault.

Well, long story short, I finished the anorak, it looked wearable but nowhere near as good as this, and I renamed the "Pattentasche" "Fluchtasche". Cursing pocket. Because that's what I did, a lot. I asked DH whether he remembered the jacket. He said, of course, the one with the "Fluchtaschen". He was duly impressed.

II. The collar

This success may have gone to my head, since I am now considering drafting a different collar than what the pattern has.

The pattern is Burda 9/2007 no. 105 that I made this jacket from (there's a coat with basically the same pattern pieces; it's pattern no. 104). I put it on and took a picture to determine whether I'd like it in a coat. And I did not find the collar as bad when I had it on as expected. (The collar is fine; it's just my construction that was lacking.) Hmm.

The collar as you see is Peter Pan-like, and it might be a bit juvenile/playful for the embroidered fabric. After my last jacket went together alright, I would expect the collar to work out this time as well, but still. Here's the coat as it is now:

I'm considering adding a strip of fabric around the neck, like a facing, that does not stand up but just gives a nice edge. The shape would basically be a collarless coat. I think I could figure out the construction (I hope).

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Or am I losing touch with reality?

Happy sewing!


  1. It's called a "welt pocket," and it looks great! I like little Peter Pan collars usually, but I agree with your concerns about pairing it with this fabric. I think collar-less will look great!

  2. Yes, collarless would be fine. Or, perhaps a collar that's a simple tie, a little vintage-like? You have fabulous tastes, so trust your instincts.

  3. I like the idea of a little standing collar on that one.

    I think we call that a "single welt pocket," although it's not really half of a double welt pocket.

  4. Yep--Single Welt Pocket. And you did a fabulous job. Congratulate yourself! And sew on!

  5. Your single welt looks terrific. I really like the term Fluchtasche, I would like to adopt that word for my latest attempt :(.

  6. Hi! Thanks so much for the comment about my me-made-march project, much appreciated! Beautifully constructed welt pocket by the way! x

  7. The single welt pockets turned out perfect! And I like the collar you drafted very much. The coat is really beautiful.



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