Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Girl's Coat "St-Germain" Ottobre 4/2010

The coat is finished, and if it's all I do for Kids Clothes Week I'll be quite satisfied (though I have more plans, of course).

It's supposed to be a fall jacket; while fall temperatures can vary quite widely here (right now it's like summer), I thought a corduroy jacket with rayon lining alone wouldn't cut it. So I went looking for a quilted lining in pink or purple. When I didn't find one I just bought some cotton fleece and made it myself!

(The fleece cost about as much as all the other coat materials together; these are department store prices and fabric market prices for you!) Quilting was quite fun, but also more time consuming than expected. DD was a bit disappointed the fleece side wouldn't show in the finished coat!

The sleeves are lined with regular lining fabric. I did NOT understand Ottobre's instructions for machine sewing lining and sleeve shell together ("sew sleeves hand in hand". Huh?) but figured it out by pinning them together, turning them through the gap between lining and shell, and sewing. Oh, for a three-dimensional imagination! (I'll order one next time around.)

Details: I'm quite proud of the well-rolling collar. Unfortunately the colors don't show truly; the buttons are the same color as the coat, and sewn on with the same pink embroidery floss as the "poinsettia flower".

Happy (little girl's) sewing!


  1. I love it! You chose some really cute fabrics. Great job with the details, too!

  2. Super cuteness! I love the colors and the buttons and the flower embroidery. That's one lucky girl!

  3. Talk about cozy! That will be just as warm as it is cute. Wonderful job.

  4. Such a darling coat. The details are so pretty, and the quilting looks lovely and warm.

  5. I just knew this would be a beautiful, fun-colored, coat. It really turned out nice! Your daughter will look so adorable wearing it.

  6. Too cute. I miss sewing clothes for little children - have to wait for the grandchildren I suppose.

  7. Oh my goodness, that is so cute! I like the idea of making your own quilted fleece for a lining, I may have to borrow that.

  8. Beautifully made and it looks lovely and warm!



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