Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sewing Ballet Clothes (?)

... or: Creating a wardrobe hole, then sewing to fill it.

I'm terrible with exercise, too boring, too sweaty, too... I'd rather sew. The only exercise I ever really enjoyed were ballet classes, but I stopped 20 years ago. I'm turning 40 now, so I thought now or never and took my first class on Tuesday. I'm satisfyingly sore and think I'll stick with it.

Now what? You know the answer. Here's the pattern:

I planned to make it up in navy blue with white accents, but now I'm thinking b-o-r-i-n-g, and have been eyeing the pretty muted colors on the Sewy website.

Also, I've been surfing the dance wear manufacturers' sites, and oohing and aahing. It would be very possible to buy something pretty. And it's not like all my fall sewing will get done, take or leave a ballet outfit on top of it.

What do you think? Have you sewn exercise wear? Any feedback on the pattern? Your remedy when you think you have to make it all yourself (but know you can't)?

Happy sewing!


  1. BWOF had a nice x-back tank in the Nov 2007 issue that i've made a few times. :)

    I loved doing ballet as a kid, you should have lots of fun taking it up again!

  2. I dunno, I kind of like the idea of navy and white. But then again I love navy, so I am biased.

  3. I just got around to making some exercise pants after needing them for years. I'm so glad I did, but really I don't mind buying workout clothes because I don't enjoy making or wearing them much (I enjoy working out, just not the ugly sweaty clothes). If you don't find time to do it in the next couple weeks I'd say buy something!

  4. I do adult ballet classes. I started with a leotard, but found I got too self-conscious. Now I tend to wear tank tops or crop tops with loose tanks, oversized off-the-shoulder tees (think flash dance) or ballet wraps over the top, exercise shorts on the bottom. Though once I wore a camisole top that was too short, and I had to suck my tummy in all night...and what do you know, my pirouettes were much better!



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