Monday, September 6, 2010

Self-Stitched September Days 1-6

The delightful Zoe has gotten me off my behind and into self-stitched clothes again. Me-Made May was a lot of fun and gave my homesewn wardrobe a good workout, so I'm hoping for similar results this Self-Stitched September.

(Days 1-3. Recurrent theme: Skinny jeans. Self-Stitched: Top (under cardigan), blouse, blouse.)

Like last time, I feel the month could have gotten off to a better start. Sick child - check. Lots of non-sewing commitments stealing my time - check. Hardly any preparatory sewing - check.

(Days 4-6. Recurrent theme: Coral color. Self-Stitched: Blouse, jacket, blouse/skirt.)

So there. I may have no more energy than to drag out the first self-stitched thing in the morning, but at least I've done that, and it's been fun so far. And I'm proud of my handmade clothes. I'm even finding outfits in my closet with more than one self-stitched item in them!


  1. Nice! Looking good so far. Have fun with SSS. I am enjoying seeing everyone's combinations!

  2. Yes - you should feel proud - you have some great combinations!

  3. Your color combination is wonderful.



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