Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leggings Kwik Sew 3661

Now this was a qick project. Estimated sewing time (after having cut them out with the leotard), um, 15 minutes?

Not hemming them helped, of course. Look how short they are, unhemmed. Almost shorter than on the envelope model.

Now this can't be right, because while I'm not short, I'm most definitely short-legged. As evidenced by these pictures of the whole ensemble:

I also have a long torso and added over an inch in length to the leotard. The instructions were very helpful, giving exact crotch and back length measurements, and telling me how to lengthen it. Now this may be my first leotard I won't have to continually tug down!
I'm not sure whether I'll sew the ballet skirt or just another leotard with the remnants. The only person who ever wore a skirt when I was a kid in ballet class was the elderly teacher... Am I there yet?
What do you think? Is a ballet skirt a yea or a nay?


  1. I think you look fantastic in it as is, so I don't think you need the skirt. Unless you would feel more comfortable wearing one.

  2. Ah, no side seams, that's the kind of leggings you want :-). Makes the difference between 30 and 15mn tights. More comfortable too, you can swing those legs around without catching on anything. Personally, I think the difference in length comes from the fact that models have no butt - in my leggings, that takes up quite a bit of fabric :-).
    But isn't it wonderful to have leotards long enough?? Make sure you pick fabric with the right stretch though, if you don't want to end up like cidell..
    As to skirts: forget it. You're right.

  3. How nice it will be to make more leotards that fit. The above combination looks great. While you don't need a skirt, and I have no idea what people wear to ballet since I've never been to a class, I love the look of a skirt. Have you seen Cidell's skirts for her ballet class? They are cute.

  4. Go the skirt - just for the fun of it!! - easy for me to say!

  5. Ballet skirt - yeah! I'd want one just for fun. My sisters took ballet lessons not me, and I always wanted to for the outfits. :)

  6. I love a ballet skirt - much more fun than just a leotard. Def. make the skirt!

  7. Hmmmm. I should do these instead of tights. I like the look a lot!



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