Saturday, October 2, 2010

Boy's Pants "Pont Neuf", Ottobre 4/2010

I sew quite a bit, but I have to admit that I mostly buy the vast amounts of pattern magazines for my own entertainment; if I calculated the average number of garments sewn from one magazine that would be somewhere in the 0.1 vicinity.

The current Ottobre children's magazine, however, has already paid for itself! I made not only the girl's coat, but also these boy's pants from it:

I'd already made a pair of girl's pants from this corduroy fabric (a total fabric market steal, I think it was 5 Euros for 2.5 metres) and wasn't sure at first about the color for boy's pants. I'm very happy with the result though.

I hadn't realized from the pattern that these were - not typical for Ottobre - "skinny pants". I dared cut them really small width-wise, and they fit like a glove. I used a dark olive stretch fabric for the inserts/coin pockets and hope I now have enough left for a skirt. I also used a quilt fabric for the inner waistband and added a hook at DS's request. Details:

As you see, I even added a real zip fly! (And it didn't kill me! Dare I try a pair of grown-up pants soon?) I think I will use this pattern again; it's a really good cut for (slim, long-legged) DS.

Thank you for your encouraging comments regarding the last post! The children seem to be on the mend, and I'm just so thankful to live in this age of modern medicine...


  1. Great trousers. Many trouser patterns are way too wide for my little ones here, so maybe I should look into this one too. The owl is cute!

  2. Great pants - and happy that you're still alive after that zip encounter!

  3. These are so cool! I like the olive inset at the back yoke. What a neat detail and the owl just completes the look. Adorable.

  4. Very cute pants! Hope your sprouts are well now and enjoying school!

  5. So much detail! I used to add applique to my kids' dungarees, but usually just a simple shape like a star. You have given these so much care and attention! Lucky boy!

  6. Great trousers - I love the detail and the red colour. I am tempted to try and find a copy of Ottobre now.

  7. Hi Uta!
    What a lot of beautiful clothes you've sewn for your children. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am delighted to have found yours!

  8. Those are great pants. I love the owl!



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