Friday, October 22, 2010

Ode to Liberty's

I don't normally go for "brand" names. Unless I'm truly convinced they stand for superior quality or design. Unless the brand/store embodies all I find beautiful. Unless the brand/store makes shopping a purely enjoyable experience - no ugly attacks on the eyes/ears/nose like most high street and department stores offer.
(The gallery at Liberty's with a giant flower installation/art/decor.)

Aaaah. Liberty.

The only negatives I have to offer are the ugly makeover they gave their tea room (why??) and the prices. To be honest though, their fabric goes far beyond what I can buy at fabric markets for 5-15 Euros per metre. So here's about 5-10 fabric markets metre's worth of Liberty fabric:

Dear friends, I have two questions. One, how dare I ever cut into it? Two, what pattern to use? I have 1,5 metres (it's wool and silk), and I'd like to make a blouse/tunic, as usual from Burda Style or maybe Ottobre Woman patterns.

I also bought some cotton duck at Cath Kidston with a cutesy London print I'm probably too old for but will still make into a bag or tote of some sort:

DH upon entering Cath Kidston's said "Now here's a real girl's store!". I think he's right, and too much Cath Kidston might make for a toothache. But it's still fun to see Asian tourists pile their shopping baskets full of flowery knick-knacks! And, I love that she doesn't just sell the stuff but the fabrics, too.


  1. There is a liberty lawn print with blue roses that I would dearly love to have, but it is too expensive for me to justify. I love the print that you have. ENJOY!

  2. I have never taken the Liberty plunge, but if I visited the store I don't see how I could resist....

  3. Ooh that's a fantastic piece of fabric.. there's no way I could have resisted! I love the print you picked out!

  4. Lovely fabrics - sorry I can't offer any suggestions - I'm sure you'll figure something out - I think it will be a case of the "fabric telling the story" - keep it simple and wonderful!

  5. I can't help, because I an 100% sure that if I purchased that fabric (which wouldn't be hard for me to do), I'd absolutely never cut into it at all. I'd just hoard it. And dream.



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