Friday, February 20, 2009

BWOF 3/09

Isn't it a giddy feeling to hold a hot-off-the-presses BWOF magazine in your hands? Even for me, that I've never used the current issue for my sewing, it warrants a nice cup of coffee and some dedicated dreaming of the closet that might be...
This month I didn't see a lot of patterns that immediately "spoke" to me. Of those, one (no. 114) is the typically work-intensive jacket/coat, with trench details on top that I shy away from, afraid it would take half a year's worth of my sewing time, and a full year's worth of my sewing mojo. Maybe I ought to quit worrying and just do it.
The second pattern (dress no. 116) belongs in my beloved 1940's design era, and also has some flattering lines for those short of leg and long of! It is, however, a petite size, which I am nowhere near, being about 5'8''. Altering this first to a normal size, then for a long torso, seems impossible, especially with the design's lines being as they are.
Even if I never make up these two patterns though, I know I'll keep going back to this issue and someday find just the pant/skirt/blouse I have in mind in this old BWOF magazine, vintage 2009!

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