Friday, February 27, 2009

Summer stash

Having been home with my sick DD for the last few days, I've had plenty of time to contemplate my summer wardrobe. Ironically, I intended to go fabric shopping this week, which my daughter's illness prevented me from doing. So I shopped the stash. Surprise(?)! For almost every project I have in mind (that doesn't mean I'll get to it), I have the fabric right here.

For starters: Top/blouse fabrics.

The top linen print has been bought for a Duro-style top, BWOF 07/3 No. 103. I really ought to make this since I already meant to last year, and still love the fabric and the pattern.
The print bastiste, 2nd from top, might look good as a little drawstring blouse, BWOF 07/3 no. 107 or 108, another pattern I loved at first sight.
The rest are knit fabrics that I'm not quite decided on. The rust colored one might become the knot top from BWOF 07/5, no. 111, but I' not sure this style looks good on anyone over the age of 25... I also like the henley top from this year's January BWOF, no. 125.
Since I'm not sure how much sewing I'll get done, I'm not going to worry about using up all the stash!

Second, the bottoms.

The top one, a loosely woven linen, might become a wide skirt, maybe the wrap skirt no. 122 from BWOF 08/6.
The bottom is a really gorgeous linen-structure (probably not linen material, it is very supple and has some stretch) in brown shot through with yellow/gold. I'd like to make some cropped pants, hoping they'll not make my legs look too short. I'm considering BWOF02/5 no. 116A. I remember how I loved that issue. Suddenly a lot of the styles look so dated. When did that happen?
The middle ones could be for long shorts, maybe from Burda EF summer 2006. One's a stretch poplin, one's a linen structure, probably rayon material (I hope it's not all polyester).

Last, my treasure.
I bought this pure linen fabric, with a batic background and a floral print, to make a summer coat. Then again, how often do I wear a summer coat, especially one that's this pretty (have I said I love this fabric?)? Maybe a jacket? I like February BWOF's jacket no. 102. But I would have to cut up all the pretty flowers; as you can see below, the're almost 35 cm (about one foot) long.

Also, I have 2 meters of this fabric and would hate to "waste" it by choosing a style that doesn't use it all up. A less tailored jacket in this flowery fabric - might look dowdy, I'm afraid.
A dress could be wonderful, but I'm rather pale, and this fabric has all that cream color base. All right in a jacket that I could wear something bright underneath, but in a dress?

Help! I need a stylist!

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  1. Large prints are such a challenge! I don't know if a flowing skirt would be your style, but it would show off the flower print and keep the beige away from your face.

    I love the top linen print in the first photo! Pretty colors and pring.



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