Friday, February 20, 2009

First, the witch

As with the vampire cape below, I let my creative juices flow and tried some random association with "witch", coming up with... Hänsel and Gretel, both of my children's favorite fairy tale for bedtime reading (and yes, they sleep soundly). As you may know, that witch bakes and eats children. Eeeeew... no!

Back to the start, then. A broom for flying. Check. A black cat for company. Check. Moon and stars for her favorite, nighttime. Check. A few pumpkins and bats thrown in for general scariness (scary pumpkins??). Check.

I drafted the pattern in the simplest lines possible, a T-shape with cut-on sleeves, to save time and space for the decorative work. The pumpkins and the bristle part of the broom were appliquéd with a fleece underlining, an effect I liked for the pumpkins but not for the broom, which was possibly too large for this kind of padding. The rest of the applications were simply ironed on and the stitched around.

Witchy enough?

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