Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Second, the angel

I have a few issues with blogger. How come if I start writing a post on Sunday, finish it on Wednesday and hit "publish" on Thursday, it shows Sunday's date? Also, why won't my pictures show up where I want them? Then again, I'm rather computer illiterate, so things can only get better.

Tomorrow's Ash Wednesday, so I'd better finish my costume reviews. The angel was also self-drafted, roughly along the lines of the witch costume, only bigger for my DS. I had intended to have some folds underneath the blue neck band/facing for a slightly billowy effect, and I thought I'd drafted it accordingly, but when I sewed the blue band/facing to the front, the lengths fit exactly without any ease. Oh well. I like how it turned out, so it's all right. When we went to Thursday's parade, DS rode his bike, wings flying behind him, which was a really nice effect!

A little note on the wings which turned out quite well - stiff enough to stand out, supple enough not to break or crease. I used the fashion fabric for front and back (all polyester satin), interfaced the outwards part with fleece fabric and quilted in some "feathers", and interfaced the inwards part with a very stiff interfacing meant for bags (incidentally, not stiff enough for bags really, but great for wings). Then I sewed it all together with a tight zig-zag-stitch (no serger here, regrettably) and hand-stitched it to the back of the costume.

The kindergarten party was a great success!


  1. I know what you mean about photos - what a pain! Great costume!

  2. !. You need to change the date of your post to the date you want to appear. Click "Post Options" on your new post page and change the date and time. This feature also allows you to set posts to publish in the future, like if you're on holiday.

    2. To easily move photos around it's best if you work in the "Edit HTML" mode. Photo code always starts with < a onblur and ends with < /a > [spaces added]. Just paste that code into your text exactly where you want it to appear. If you learn to work in HTML you'll find you have greater control over how your text appears. And you don't need to be a code wizard to know how to do this!

  3. Thanks a lot, Lindsay! It appears you're the guardian angel of newbie bloggers... at least for me!

  4. I love the action shot! That came out so cute.



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