Monday, July 20, 2009

Au revoir, Christian Lacroix!

I spent a good part of today at the doctor's, waiting for test results (sinusitis, not fun). Flipping through magazines, I read about what was probably Christian Lacroix` last fashion show. Due to financial difficulties, he will have to close his fashion house.

As you may know, Lacroix is the master of bold patterns, gorgeous colors and, yes, quite a bit of folklore (Russian and other) as well as all the beautiful handiwork that goes into clothes/couture like that. I love Lacroix`style, which is so feminine and womanly, and I love that he has a personal style. No changing for fashion; grunge or heroin chic were ignored, and Lacroix could always be depended upon to celebrate what is beautiful.

I'll take this as a reminder to go look at some of his wonderful clothes again.

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