Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dress BWOF 3/2007 (non bridal)

I'm in love. Maybe the issue isn't children's versus adult sewing, but utilitarian versus dress sewing? (There may be such a thing as a utilitarian dress, but I haven't sewn it yet.)

I'm in love! I haven't had a dress this twirly since... school graduation? At least. See how the wind makes it billow out? Perfect for dancing, eating ice cream, anything else worth my summer-time.

It's actually a bridal pattern to be made with lace, and only partially lined on top. I changed it by cutting the lining like the fashion fabric on top, and adding seam allowances where the lace edges wouldn't need any. I forgot to take an action shot of the back which is a shame really, as the back is cut lower (about middle back) and very pretty. A hanger picture will have to do.

Also, I'm so happy with how the dress went together. I have labelled myself as a slow sewer. Not voluntarily, though, not as in "I'm so meticulous I need to go slow". It just took me so long to line everything up, figure everything out, think through all three dimensions of the pattern.

I won't say "no more" and jinx it, but it seems that sewing quite a few fast and easy kid's clothes has increased my speed even when not sewing fast and dirty. This dress took me about a week of non-intense sewing - a couple of hours here and there. A big improvement over last year when it would have taken about a month!
Also, I find that sewing stresses me out less these days, a lot of steps are becoming routine, leaving more energy for finishing the project.
Let's hope the momentum lasts through my planned summer wardrobe!


  1. This is super cute! What a lovely dress.

  2. Very pretty dress - I love the back!

  3. Look at you, all beautiful in your pretty summer dress! It's very, very nice, and as I said, lovely on you.

  4. very nice! it look so summery and bright :)

  5. Looks fab! Great work - bright and happy - both you AND the dress!

  6. Love the dress and the fabric is perfect!

  7. I love everything about this dress!! Adorable style and fabric. You did a very nice job!

  8. Oh, I loooooove that dress! It reminds me of a dress I had and wore all the time when I was 17. it looks perfect on you, so carefree and summery.

  9. I've seen a lot of beautiful summer dresses, yours is included. That is wonderful.



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