Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brigitte skirt and giveaway!

How do you know sewing has become really, truly popular? When the big German women's magazines, the biggest to my knowledge being "Brigitte", start publishing sewing patterns. Another magazine has recently published a selection from the BWOF summer issues. I prefer Brigitte, because at least the patterns are original. Also, they are very simple, which is a boon when doing fast and dirty summer sewing. As in this skirt, unironed but finished in a couple of hours:
After sewing it up, I realized two things:
One, yesterday's post was my fiftieth.
Two, I'd just tossed a second Brigitte magazine with pattern sheet that I had.
So, combining one and two, I decided to retrieve the magazine and host my first (possibly last, who knows) giveaway in honor of my 50th post. If you'd like the Brigitte magazine, leave a comment indicating so. I will randomly choose a winner and post the name in the next couple of days. Afterwards, please send your post address to little dot el at gmx dot net. I will mail the magazine (anywhere) before I leave on vacation next week, but I won't promise a date!
There are 14 sewing patterns on the pattern sheet; instructions are very short (just the sewing order, basically) which shouldn't be a hindrance (the same with knowing no German) as the patterns are very simple. The patterns have to be traced; if you've tried BWOF or Ottobre, you're fine. Brigitte has no measurements table in there; I cut the skirt in size 40 and it's a little roomy, which is where I'd be with Burda also. Sample instructions:


  1. Hello Uta,
    I'd like to try the Brigitte designs.
    Please toss my name into the hat.

  2. The skirt is really cute! Is that print from Sandi Henderson's Farmers market fabric line? I love all the prints in that set... they're so cheery and sweet :)

  3. I never win anything, so can I try too.

  4. I loved your comments on this magazine...I live in the hinterlands (Southern Plains) of US and would love to see this...know where I could get a copy of this mag? What a great find, and what a great thing to see sewing taking on it's own place!



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