Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dress BWOF 03/2009 no. 102

A short post in between enjoying the sun, shooing the kids around, and a little summer-sewing.

You may recognize the fabric from my "Craving color" post. I contemplated naming this the Craving Color Wardrobe Part I, but who knows whether in between summer pastimes, and fall cravings as well, there'll be another CCW garment?

I took my usual low-tech approach and sewed

- a knit without ballpoint needle
- the hems without a twin needle, and
- my first invisible zipper, with a regular zigzag foot, of course.

It's all not perfect, of course, but I'll enjoy wearing it, and expect not to be called out on it ("Hey lady! That's homesewn, isn't it?) too often. I intended it for our vacation and the beach, but I really like it and might wear it more than that. Although the décolletage might benefit from a swimsuit top underneath!

I hope you're all enjoying summer, sewing or not!


  1. I love the color. And i am with you when it comes to the low tech knit approach.

  2. I like the color too- such a nice shade. I have that pattern marked in my "to make someday" list. It has such a nice shape and I like the pleats on the skirt. Were they tricky to keep flat in your knit?

  3. Pretty dress - that colour is perfect on you!

  4. You look lovely in that dress. Beautiful color and style for you. Very nice.

  5. Very nice dress. I'm also working on colours for my wardrobe which has always been black and grey.

  6. That turned out just great! Very pretty and flattering to you.

  7. This is a wonderful color on you - an I just had to look up this dress in my many lovely patterns one should give a try!



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