Sunday, August 29, 2010

A "New" Silhouette

It's August, but the weather is more like October. I'm not ready to get out the chunky cardigan just yet, but I'm not keen on being cold either.

So yesterday, I got out my trusty brown wool vest (rtw) and put it over a me-made puff sleeved blouse and skirt (and it isn't even Self-Stitched-September yet!). Viola! A whole new silhouette, a bit Dirndl (the Bavarian folk wear, not the skirt), a bit 1930's. Today's a repeat performance with another self-stitched blouse and skirt. Love. I never thought to wear this blouse with that skirt, but it works. Isn't it fun to try out new combinations from the closet? (I don't do this nearly enough.)

No sewing going on here (other than a placemat and a couple of keychains for the school cone). My oldest child starts 1st grade on Tuesday. I'm not ready for this at all. Can't they grow up a bit slower?

Wishing you all better weather and fun with your own homesewn clothes!


  1. Good on you for making the most of the cold weather. I am so glad it is still hot and sunny here. Better hot than cold!

  2. I like the combination! And you're so right: we should try out much more with the things we allready possess... Instead we get more and more new stuff :-/
    Kind regards, berry



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