Sunday, May 16, 2010

Me-Made-May and Skirt BWOF 8/2007/116

This was my 14th M-M-M outfit:

Me-made: Tangerine tank top.

(Note the 90-ish necklace: hand-crocheted by DS. He's trying to learn to crochet, has dabbled in hand-embroidery and created a "pattern" for a bag he wants to sew. Be still my heart.)
As to yesterday: I have to admit I just threw on the same outfit again. Anyone else doing this? Sometimes dressing has to happen in not under 5 minutes, but 5 seconds. I'm sure you understand.
Last night (as in ten o'clock and the rest of the world was asleep) I got this bug into my head I wanted to finish a skirt I'd started on our winter vacation. Just a couple of details to take care of. Sure.
At 10.30 this morning I could finally get dressed because I had - sort of - finished the skirt:
(Find the difference!)
I was unable to decide how far up to sew the front folds closed. The only mark I found on the pattern sheet was about 2/3 down. At first (left above) I opened the folds parallel to the lower corner of the side "triangles". Side and back detail:
After I thought I saw some pulling across the front, I opened the seams some more. I like it a bit better in real life, although the folds open up pretty much. Seeing the pictures I'm not sure.
Since this skirt is still a work in progess (wearable work-in-progress, how is that?) due to a bubbling side zipper (and a badly needed pressing), I may change the folds again. What do you think?
What I gained from MMM today: If unsure what to wear tomorrow, dig for an UFO. If still UFO the day after, wear it anyway!
This is a well loved Burda issue. I made the blouse no 114., the jacket no. 115, and this skirt no. 116 so far. Do you have a favorite Burda issue? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Such a fun skirt! I like it better with a bit more of the pleat unstitched. I think it gives it more swing. My current favorite burda is 02/2009. It's the only one I've made more than one garment from (so far!!).

  2. The skirt is awesome!

    And oh yes- 5 second dressing. I'm the master of that on weekdays (;

  3. I always have a hard time deciding where pleats should open/close. I generally choose to have hip leats open just before the widest part of my body.

  4. Hallo,
    ein Nähblog, wie schön! Danke für Deinen lieben Kommentar. Ich habe das große Glück in der Nähe des Stoffexportes in Mörfelden(bei Frankfurt/Main) zu wohnen. Dort gibt es wirklich traumhafte Seiden und je nach Einkauf wunderschöne Wollstoffe. Und die Maiglöckchenseide hab ich dort durch Zufall gefunden und es war um mich geschehen! Aber das Gefühl kennst du sicher auch.
    Deine Mode ist wunderschön und ich hätte so gerne deine Figur ;-)
    Sei lieb gegrüsst



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