Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What I've been doing instead of sewing

Still, no sewing. Now I'm not the world's most productive sewer, but I had high hopes that Lindsay's promise of higher turnout to have something to blog about would hold true. Then came carnival. And in between schlepping bags of candy and running after the biking kids at full speed, my shoulder gave out. My right shoulder. Of course I'm right handed. So I'm sitting here gnawing at my Burdas, waiting for full mobility to return.

To improve the mood, what's an injured sewer to do? Right on. Buy fabric. I am, however, impressed with my own restraint at buying just three pieces. Which is down to my detailed sighting of summer stash before. And my detailed plan which pieces, at the very most and luckiest, I might sew.
The restraint is also due to a phenomenon I experience as well when buying RTW. I never, truly NEVER have found nice clothes when I went shopping with a plan, or an occasion, in mind, because I have too clear a picture in my head of the shape, the fabric, the color, the style. And I'm not even hard to fit. So I learned - in RTW - to buy whenever something strikes my fancy, needed or not, because that's the only way I get clothes on my back (that and sewing, of course!).

Well, sewing is supposed to solve this problem, right? Wrong. I'd like to add a jacket to my summer sewing plan, and I have a cotton twill fabric, little or no stretch, in a particular shade of olive green in mind. I've been to three fabric stores in town, and endless ones on the internet, still no luck. It appears the greens of the moment are light green, dark greens, grey greens. Do I sound obsessed? I just can't erase this color from my mind. The solution? Possibly even more serious stash building, so next time I have everything I might need right there!
See what a hurt shoulder can do? Dream up the most convincing reasons to go shopping.


  1. Good luck with your quest. It's been my experience that if I'm looking for a particular fabric, I don't find it. Sometimes that turns out well though--when a substitute fabric is exactly the right one!

  2. Such a true observation about shopping, for either fabric or patterns. If you know exactly what you want, you can't find it!

  3. Me too, I get fixated on certain colors and designs, like you with the olive green. I've learned it's best to compromise rather than becoming obsessed.



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