Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bunny shirt

What to sew? - I asked a few days ago. Well, my daughter's
growing out of her long-sleeves, together with wanting something "Easter-ly" but not feeling up to a big dress project, together with feeling creative and wanting to play with my fabrics, decided for me.

Now I'm not a sewer who can fit and trace a pattern, cut out pattern and fabric, and sew a shirt in one evening, not without some serious loss of sleep.

I can, however, lay a sort of fitting shirt on some fabric, cut around it, decorate it with some freehand design, sew it up and have a well-fitting t-shirt. Strange, that.

This has me on a roll now, I've very slapdashly re-fitted an old girl's dress-pattern, and am right now decorating and sewing it up. Also very fast and easy.

Maybe it just took this long for Carolyn's TNT message ( to really sink in. I always
thought I'd be bored by sewing up the same pattern again and again. Instead I find that having a stash and a TNT really brings together the creative process (which I love and which really motivates me) and the execution/sewing, which I sometimes find a bit tedious.

Also, isn't it neat how reflecting on one's sewing through blogging helps to realize where one's fun and motivation really lie?


  1. Those bunnies are really cute ... I'll have to check out that blog link ... have a good day!

  2. Sweet bunnies. There's a lot to be said of a TNT. One pattern can have a lot of looks. Have fun with yours.

  3. I love the little bow on the bunny! What a clever little applique.



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