Thursday, March 19, 2009

What to sew?

Sorry, no pictures of the skirt. Yet.
To keep my mojo flowing, I ought to start another project right away.
As you might know, no project is too humble for me, and I rather like sewing up some home dec/tote bags/etc. to have the gratification of working with nice, colorful fabric. Easter is coming soon, we're visiting my brother's family and a cousin, so I might make up some quick hostess gifts, and use up some of my quilting fabric stash.
On the other hand, I'm so inspired by the wonderful clothes being sewn by all those other bloggers, the skirt went together really well, so I might just go with the flow and continue on my spring/summer wardrobe.
Lastly, I might compromise and sew my daughter an Easter outfit - colorful and not too complicated.
How do you decide what's next? Plan or whim?


  1. We overwhelm ourselves with so many things to choose from to sew. Still, the list continues to grow. Sometimes, the project chooses me rather than me choosing it. Or there will be something that becomes a priority.

    Do the thing that inspires you the most!

    I love making hostess gifts when invited for dinner. My next gift will be an apron.

  2. It's the eternal dilemma! I usually end up choosing based on how ambitious I am. If I'm tired and want a quicky, easy, rewarding project I'll reach for the knits. If I'm ready for a challenge, I'll pull out a jacket pattern. It's usually a spur of the moment decision.



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