Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ottobre skirt pictures

Finally! Skirt's done, internet's back on. The facts:

Pattern: Ottobre Woman 2-2009, skirt 9.
I cut a size 38, which is really my waist measurement, figuring my hips didn't count because of the diagonal folds. I found the folds dragging outwards, which irritated me so much that I ripped it apart and let out the seam allowances, which I always cut rather generously. Good thing I hadn't found a silk fabric; the tiny needle holes that this left me with would have been a real disappointment. In polyester and with this busy pattern, I don't really care.
The diagonal folds still drag outwards a bit; maybe that's just what they do as you can see here, laid out flat on the floor.

In my quest to become a better sewer I made french seams on the fashion fabric and the lining (cream rayon lining fabric).
Other than my slapdash measuring, the skirt sewed up and fits as it should. I cut it about three inches longer than the pattern called for, finding the below-knee-length more flattering than Ottobre's above-knee-length. I usually cut as long as my fabric piece allows and leave the decision on the length for last, just as I don't make muslins, but cut generous seam allowances and then baste or pin-fit.

My favorite hanger for pictures. It says: "Have it cleaned. Dirt eats." (Away at fabric, I suppose.)


  1. Well done - I bet it looks great on!

  2. Hooray on all counts--finishing the skirt, getting your internet back, and fitting the skirt! Not to mention--the cool hanger! Love that! Your skirt fabric is lovely and those diagonal lines are slimming. Good work!

  3. Gorgeous fabric! This is a very pretty skirt. Well done.



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