Saturday, June 27, 2009

Craving color

This is a yearly phenomenon I'm only now becoming aware of.

Finally, summer is here, I mean real summer, temperatures in the high 20s (Celsius), sunshine 16 hours a day, blue skies, kelly green grass, flowers blooming all around... And every color popping just so, with the light and the contrast, and, maybe, the serotonin-induced high mood!
So, all of a sudden, I start craving color. My wardrobe has earthy neutrals, black-gray-and-white-neutrals, with the occasional shot of color. My summer wardrobe has tomato red, kelly green, bright turquoise, red-on-pink-on-yellow, and the occasional olive/brown. I cannot even fathom putting on a gray summer top, unless it's for work, of course.
This should have told me something years ago, but I really just realized it a couple of days ago, when I came home with this year's (brightly colored) swimsuit haul (H&M, told you so!), and proceeded to rip every juicy colored fabric from the stash cupboard, resolving to sew a new summer wardrobe.
We'll see how it goes (the best laid plans and all that). I have made myself proceed as planned and started on the dress; I hope this won't curb my enthusiasm!
Oh, and sun or not, I know I'll be done for as soon as the new fall fashion spreads (and fabrics) are out. I'm a true September girl that way!


  1. I love the fabric at the top of the photo. I have a thing for prints myself, you know.

  2. I too, like the print on the top-my favorite. Although the others could go right into my stash also. Lucky you.

  3. I love bright colors year round, but it definitely reaches a fever pitch in summer!

  4. Me too, I love bright colors in the summer. I feel like I look like I should/want to be at the beach.



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